Showcasing the largest Alexander & James Gallery in the country

Alexander & James Gallery at Shackletons

Alexander and James’s motto is very simple – ‘comfort comes first’. Well, alongside stunning good looks that is.

Every single furniture piece from Alexander and James has quality and passion built in. Created and upholstered by furniture experts, with their specialist knowledge in design, retail and manufacturing spanning 120 years – now that’s serious knowledge!

Each piece is made-to-order and handcrafted from exceptionally high-quality materials from all around the world.

Leathers are natural, so therefore full of character, and actually improve the older they get. Only sustainable wood is sourced and used, and the shapely wooden legs are hand-turned, then buffed to brilliance. Sofa seat fillings are incredibly comfortable too, thanks to their unique combination of feather, foam and fibres.

In addition to testing to the highest British standards, it’s worth noting that Alexander and James even has its very own ‘bottom test’, to check quality and build standards!

If you want to see how Alexander and James products ‘sit’, then our spacious showroom in the beautiful Ribble Valley has the largest collection on display in the entire country. You’ll find our walk-through galleries showcase the latest looks from Alexander and James, for both traditional or more modern styles.